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Hey there Reddit users, this site is DELIBERATELY MEANT to look like a 5-year old designed it so we don't care about your mockery (and pleeeease stop spamming us, web designers!). The Bacchanals are a multi award-winning company based in Wellington, New Zealand, dedicated to exploring text-based theatre (none of this devised crap for us!) and trying to ensure that the theatre remains a place for social, spiritual and psychological debate. They also want audiences to have a bloody good time and come away thinking THEATRE IS IMPORTANT AND CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. The Bacchanals want to make theatre accessible to all be it economically, geographically or intellectually. Since their formation in 2000 they have staged thirty-two shows including nationwide touring productions of Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Dean Parker's Once We Built A Tower, a co-production of King Lear with the Fortune Theatre in Dunedin, new texts of The Frogs, The Bacchae and The Clouds, two different Hamlets — one a full text promenade production staged in a warehouse, the other a free community theatre event touring church halls and community centres — the NZ premieres of Sarah Kane's Crave, Antony Sher's I.D. (Chapman Tripp Production of the Year 2005) and Jessica Swale's Blue Stockings, and the premiere productions of plays by NZ playwrights Dean Parker and Paul Rothwell. Once upon a time The Bacchanals were a regular ensemble of more-or-less the same actors; now they are more like a vigilante theatrical justice-seeker that emerges only when no one else can save you. The Bacchanals have been on hiatus since the start of 2016 but THEY ARE ALWAYS WATCHING YOU AND WILL STRIKE WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT. This website was last updated, under the cover of night, in May 2020 and we will be sneaking more and more stuff up onto it, archival or otherwise, biding the time until we torch you in the fire of our transcendence once more. Look! the Upcoming and History pages have had some stuff added to them, and we're gradually getting around to adding commentaries onto the pages for the shows we made from 2006 onwards (Read all-new essays about I.D., Hamlet and King Lear at your peril!) Since you're already visiting our mighty website, you can easily join our mailing list — just click on this link here [email protected] — and help us fight the good fight.

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