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the tragedy of king richard iii

containing his treacherous plots against his brother clarence, the pitiful murder of his innocent nephews, his tyrannical usurpation with the whole course of his detested life and most deserved death


by william shakespeare
Wednesday 14 - Saturday 31 January 2015

 BATS Theatre, 1 Kent Terrace

The Smiling Assassin defies the odds and the pollsters to rise from the grave, stronger than ever!  Watch him laugh in the face of his country as he lies, spies, planks, derps, triple-handshakes and murders his way to the top!

The Bacchanals celebrate their 15th birthday with their 30th show!




Cast in order of speaking or thereabouts

Richard Duke of Gloucester David Lawrence

George, Duke of Clarence (his brother) Alex Greig

Robert Brackenbury (Lieutenant of the Tower) Michael Trigg

Jane Shore (Mistress to Hastings, the King & Dorset) Brianne Kerr

William, Lord Hastings (Lord Chamberlain) Alex Greig

Lady Anne Neville (Widow to Prince Edward) Ania Upstill

King Henry VI (her dead father-in-law) Joe Dekkers-Reihana

Elizabeth Wydville (Queen to Edward IV) Kirsty Bruce

Anthony Wydville, Lord Rivers (her brother) Joe Dekkers-Reihana

Thomas Grey, Marquess of Dorset (her son) Michael Trigg

Sir Richard Grey (her other son) Uther Dean

The Duke of Buckingham (her brother-in-law) Salesi Le’ota

Lord Stanley, Earl of Derby (stepfather to Richmond) Michael Ness

Sir Thomas Vaughan (friend to the Wydvilles) Alice May Connolly

Margaret of Anjou (widow to King Henry VI) Ellie Stewart

Sir William Catesby (friend to Richard & Buckingham) Jean Sergent

Two Murderers Hilary Penwarden & Alice May Connolly

Keeper of the Tower of London Uther Dean

King Edward IV (brother to Richard & Clarence) Aidan Weekes

The Duchess of York (mother to Richard) Brianne Kerr

Ned Plantagenet (Clarence’ son) Aidan Gillespie

Meg Plantagenet (Clarence’ daughter) Iris Polaschek/Olivia Moxey

Sir Richard Ratcliffe (friend to Richard) Ania Upstill

The Hour of Death Michael Ness

The Archbishop of York Michael Trigg

Prince Richard (Edward IV’s younger son) Mia Van Oyen

Prince Edward (Edward IV’s older son) Maddie Gillespie

John Morton (Bishop of Ely & Mayor of London) Aidan Weekes

Thomas Bourchier (Lord Cardinal) Uther Dean

Sir Thomas Lovell (friend to Richard) Brianne Kerr

A Scrivener Ellie Stewart

James Tyrrel (a disgraced cabinet minister) Hilary Penwarden

Sir Christopher Urswick (chaplain to Stanley) Michael Trigg

Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond Joe Dekkers-Reihana

John, Duke of Norfolk (supporter of Richard) Uther Dean

Sir William Brandon (supporter of Richmond) Aidan Weekes

Princess Elizabeth (daughter of Edward IV) Dasha Fedchuk

Messengers, Soldiers, Halberdiers, Bishops, Citizens, Politicians, Generals, Pursuivants & Ghosts played by members of the company


Produced by Hilary Penwarden & Kirsty Bruce

Stage Manager Carolyn Dekkers

Production Manager Hilary Penwarden

Set Design Joe Dekkers-Reihana

Frocks Jean Sergent & Ania Upstill

Crowns constructed by Luke Scott

Sound engineered by Piers Gilbertson at The Shack recording studio

Opening number performed by The Benny Vandergast Memorial Orchestra

Music Alice May Connolly, Jean Sergent,

Hilary Penwarden, Ellie Stewart, Ania Upstill

Properties Master Michael Trigg

Head mechanist Alex Greig

Choreography Brigid Costello

Fight Director Katie Boyle

Publicity Brianne Kerr

Graphic Design Santa’s Little Helper

Associate Director Ania Upstill

Directed by David Lawrence


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