the jew of malta
by christopher marlowe
titus andronicus
by william shakespeare
by ben jonson

As with Othello decent photographic records of the Trilogy are scarce apart from a bewilderingly large amount of Volpone rehearsal photographs. And as with Othello the wonders of digital technology may one day allow us to not only replace the current images with more impressive performance stills, but even stick something up from The Jew of Malta for which NO photos of any kind exist!

Saturninus and Tamora photo (c) The Bacchanals
"Behold, I choose thee, Tamora, for my bride,
And will create thee empress of Rome."
Alex Greig as Saturninus & Eve Middleton as Tamora
Tamora and Lavinia photo (c) The Bacchanals
"Remember, boys, I poured forth tears in vain
To save your brother from the sacrifice,
But fierce Andronicus would not relent.
Therefore away with her and use her as you will;
The worse to her, the better loved of me."
Eve Middleton as Tamora & Andrea Molloy as Lavinia
Bloody Lavinia photo (c) The Bacchanals
"If I do dream, would all my wealth would wake me.
If I do wake, some planet strike me down
That I may slumber an eternal sleep."
Mark Cleary as Marcus, Andrea Molloy as Lavinia & Tina Helm as Lucius
Titus Family photo (c) The Bacchanals
"This way to death my wretched sons have gone;
Here stands my other son, a banished man,
And here my brother, weeping at my woes.
But that which gives my soul the greatest spurn
Is dear Lavinia, dearer than my soul."
John Porter as Titus, with Mark Cleary, Andrea Molloy & Tina Helm
Volpone and Mosca  photo (c) The Bacchanals
"Fools, they are the only nation
Worth men's envy or admiration"
James Stewart as Volpone & Tina Helm as Mosca
Praying Volpone photo (c) The Bacchanals
"Now, my feigned cough, my phthisic, and my gout,
My apoplexy, palsy and catarrhs..."
James Stewart as Volpone
Volpone Praying photo (c) The Bacchanals
"...Help with your forced functions this my posture,
Wherein, this three year, I have milked their hopes."
Lady Politic and Maids photo (c) The Bacchanals
"Besides, you seeing what a curious nation
The Italians are, what will they say of me?
'The English lady cannot dress herself'!"
Andrea Molloy as Lady Would-Be with Jocelyn Christian & Kate Soper
Celia and Volpone photo (c) The Bacchanals
"Nay, fly me not, nor let thy false imagination
That I was bed-rid, make thee think I am so."
James Stewart as Volpone & Erica Lowe as Celia
Celia and Volpone Dancing photo (c) The Bacchanals
"Come my Celia, let us prove
While we can the sports of love"
James Stewart & Erica Lowe
Volpone on top of Celia photo (c) The Bacchanals
"Yield, or I'll force thee!"
James Stewart & Erica Lowe
Dribbly Volpone photo (c) The Bacchanals
"See here, grave fathers, here's the ravisher,
The rider on men's wives, the great imposter,
The grand voluptary!"
Volpone pretending to be an invalid
Corbaccio, Corvino and Mosca photo (c) The Bacchanals
"Then know, most honoured fathers, I must now
Discover to your strangely abused ears
The most prodigious and most frontless piece
Of solid impudence and treachery
That ever vicious nature yet brought forth
To shame the state of Venice!"
David Prendergast as Corbaccio, John Porter as Corvino & Tina Helm as Mosca

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