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I.D. photo (c) The Bacchanals

by antony sher
inspired by the book A Mouthful of Glass by Henk van Woerden
Tuesday 4 October - Saturday 15 October 2005
BATS Theatre, Wellington

On 6 September 1966 South African Prime Minster Hendrik Verwoerd was stabbed to death in the House of Assembly by Demetrios Tsafendas, a parliamentary messenger, in front of horrified onlookers. Tsafendas was deemed unfit to stand trial — he claimed that a giant tapeworm that had been growing in his gut for thirty years had driven him to commit the murder. Was he a political hero, acting for the world and fighting apartheid, or was he merely insane? I.D. tells the story of Tsafendas, the man behind the murder, and of Verwoerd — the architect of apartheid — polar opposites, but both men obsessed with the question of identity. I.D. takes the historical into the realm of the fantastical as Tsafendas journeys around the world to eventually end up in South Africa with nothing but a battered suitcase and a giant tapeworm.

Malcolm Murray (Demetrios Tsafendas), Alex Greig (Lintwurm), )Benjamin Fransham (Hendrik Verwoerd), Erin Banks (Betsie Verwoerd, Marika), Miria George (Helen Daniels, Daisy), Tony Hopkins (Sipho, Father Daniels, Manolis, Street Sweeper), James Stewart (Dr Gomes, John Vorster, Nikki, Junior Minister), Hadleigh Walker (Kriel, Cloete, Schalk, Dr Gavronsky, Frank Waring), )Salesi Le'ota (Pratt, Muller, Interior Minister, Buytendag, Dr Fisher, Pienaar)
Designer Eleanor Williams; Posters and postcards Walter Plinge; Publicist Sonal Patel; Directed by David Lawrence

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